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Skyra Rideaux is a multi-faceted, multi-passionate “woman of all trades”. As an accomplished, published, and award-winning policy advocate, sustainable development specialist and climate justice activist, her expertise in equity and emerging technologies has made her a highly sought-after speaker and strategist.

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Skyra Rideaux LLC is not merely a brand; it's a for a future that refuses to accept the status quo.

Anchored in three transformative pillars, our mission to lay the groundwork for a bold new world.

Climate Justice

Climate Justice

Skyra's pursuit of climate justice is relentless, fierce, and unapologetic. She sees the unequal devastation of climate change on Black communities as an affront to humanity. Her advocacy for equitable solutions is a radical call to arms, challenging society to rewrite its environmental destiny and ensure a sustainable future where no community is left behind.

Tech Equity

Tech Equity

With emerging tech equity as Skyra's battle cry, she is on a tireless mission to harness the untamed frontier of technology. Skyra's vision is nothing short of a future liberated from inequity, where every individual thrives in the digital revolution. She seeks to dismantle the barriers of the digital age, forging a path where technology is not just a tool but an ally in the relentless pursuit of equity.

Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development

Sustainable development is not just Skyra's compass; it's her revolutionary manifesto. She champions a radical shift towards community self-reliance, decentralized and democratized decision-making. Her belief in a regenerative future transcends mere sustainability; it's a call to harmony with the planet, a blueprint for a world where humanity doesn't just survive but flourishes.

Our brand is a symbol of to create a world that resonates with our deepest values.

I began this brand to be a force of change, recognizing that technology and innovation must align with human ideals of fairness, sustainability, and inclusiveness.

Through delivering influential keynotes, consulting with organizations and governments, pioneering DEI initiatives in emerging tech, and strategically orchestrating ethical growth, we are committed to shaping

We embody a vision of a harmonious future where the transformative power of technology serves all of humanity, without exception. It’s not just about solving worldly problems; it’s about defining a path that ensures technology enriches our lives and society in alignment with our highest ethical principles. 

Our brand continuously seeks collaborations and opportunities that further these aims, standing as a testament to what is possible when innovation meets compassion and responsibility.

Your presentation was Top Tier!! I loved your transparency and the way you give a different perspective on how to see Black Identity. Thank you Skyra!!!! Your light is beautiful and please keep shining it on us!! I’m so happy to have been in your presence.

Clarissa James

Area Manager II

I had the pleasure of listening to you on the circularity panel yesterday. I’ve never heard someone articulate the link between climate issues and social equity so clearly and comprehensively and I wanted to thank you for your eye-opening words.

Kai Moncino

Strategic Leader

Thank you Skyra for sharing and presenting to LEAD participants. I enjoyed the conversation on Black Identity.

Tatanechia Patton, M.A., M.B.A. 

Learning Area Manager

The entire DEI upskilling series was transformative - this session was truly a highlight and one of the best development trainings I’ve participated in. It’s an honor to partner with you and be on this learning journey.

Ashia Johnson

DEI Champion

Skyra, your session was so amazing! It was the first time I had ever seen a DEI session go beyond surface level. You are a gift to the world.

Caitlin Harren

Director, Sustainability Solutions


With 30+ keynotes and presentations at prestigious forums, including the Texas Economic Development Council, UNC, International Economic Development Council. CGI and Greenbiz, Skyra emphasizes the urgent need to recognize biases in AI, develop anti-racist algorithms, and stress the critical role of DEI in technology.

As a Louisiana native who has lived in Japan, California and current living in Austin, Texas, Skyra can convey a message of adaptability, regional understanding, and a global perspective. These experiences have shaped her approach to work and her dedication to improving both local and global communities.


With 15+ years of expertise in DEI, climate justice, and change management, Skyra orchestrates resilient and ethical growth through DEI-focused strategies, reflecting a commitment to create a harmonious future for people and planet.

Skyra is a pioneer in shaping responsible technological advancements and fostering justice-centered societal alignment, leading initiatives in emerging tech, with an emphasis on creating ethical, forward-thinking solutions.

As a Certified DEI Technologist, Skyra hold certifications in Generative AI (Microsoft) and Machine Learning (AWS). This enables collaboration with global organizations, NPOs, and municipal governments to align sustainability strategies with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and the International Human Rights Consortium (IHRC).

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We don't merely seek collaborations and opportunities;

We don't just envision a future; piece by piece, in a relentless pursuit of a world where technology aligns with our wildest dreams of sustainability, justice, and liberation.