Skyra Rideaux is an accomplished, multi-faceted “woman of all trades.” As a published and award-winning policy advocate, sustainable development specialist, and climate justice activist, her expertise in equity and emerging technologies has made her a highly sought-after speaker and strategist. Formerly a bomb-builder for the US Navy, she now serves as a DEI expert at a Fortune 10 global tech company, where she consults VPs of multimillion-dollar businesses. During her time with the City of Austin, she championed inclusive economic development by supporting underrepresented founders in the circular economy industry.

Skyra’s influence extends to the public stage, where she’s delivered a TEDx Talk titled “The Courage to Be Unapologetically Black” and appeared as a speaker and panelist on various national and international platforms, further solidifying her reputation as an influential voice in her field. She’s been published in the International Economic Development Journal and selected by NASA as an IDEA plan reviewer. As a Black, cishet, neurodivergent woman, her work is focused on antiracism, liberation, and the dismantling of white supremacy. She believes community self-reliance and decentralized and democratized decision-making will create a regenerative future in harmony with the planet.